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Protecting Your Data Center

The Association of Data Center Cleaning Professionals is a non-profit trade association composed of data center industry end-users, consultants, manufacturers, and vendors. ADCCP was formed in 2011 to help educate and protect data centers by develop industry standards for data center cleaning and to certify vendors that perform these services.

ADCCP Specializes In:

  • Promoting Industry Standards
  • Educating Data Centers on Best Practices
  • Certifying Data Center Cleaning Vendors
  • Networking Data Centers with Vendors

ADCCP's Mission

The mission of the ADCCP is to develop and endorse industry standards for safely and effectively cleaning data centers. These standards are designed to help data center facility managers benchmark needed services and frequencies based upon industry experience and knowledge to help reduce contamination levels and prevent potential downtime, while increasing equipment performance and reliability. Also, we help data center facility managers connect with certified data center cleaning companies that meet required qualifications and standards as set forth by the association.

What We Do

ADCCP points data centers to the members of our association, which are certified data center cleaning companies. Along with this, we offer a complete understanding on why cleaning your data center is needed, as well as the repercussions of not meeting these standards. Your education includes information on what should be cleaned, how to qualify a vendor, how often to clean your facility, and which companies meet data center cleaning standards for the industry.