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Protecting Your Data Center

The Association of Data Center Cleaning Professionals is a non-profit trade association composed of data center industry end-users, consultants, manufacturers, and vendors. ADCCP was formed in 2011 to help educate and protect data centers by developing industry standards for data center cleaning and to certify vendors that perform these services.

ADCCP Specializes In:

  • Promoting Industry Standards
  • Educating Data Centers on Best Practices
  • Certifying Data Center Cleaning Vendors
  • Networking Data Centers with Vendors

Helping Prevent Downtime and Increasing and Reliability

The need to prevent and remove contamination inside data centers is related to preventing downtime and increasing the performance and reliability of the data center's data processing equipment. ADCCP recognizes that data center managers need to understand services and frequencies when developing a safe and effective data center cleaning preventive maintenance program.

  • Cleaning Standards
  • Recommended Equipment & Chemicals
  • Recommended Air Particulate Concentration Levels

Certified Data Center Cleaning Vendors

Our mission at ADCCP is to not only educate data centers on the need to clean their data center, but to connect data center operators with certified data center cleaning professionals. All of our member companies must meet the minimum data center cleaning standards to become an ADCCP certified data center cleaning professional.